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Myanmar Internet Project

The Myanmar Internet Project was established in 2022 by a collective of researchers, practitioners and advocates with years of experience tracking developments in the Myanmar digital space.


Much has happened over the course of Myanmar’s short history of being online. In just over a decade, the country accumulated many firsts, from the first politically-motivated internet shutdown (2007), to the first genocide incited on social media (2012-2017), to the first digital coup (2021). From a tech optimist success story, embodying the hopes and promises of a digital leapfrog, Myanmar has gone on to become a poster child for digital oppression. The Myanmar Internet Project aims to document the history of the Myanmar Internet – past, present and future – by consolidating and amplifying existing research, with a particular emphasis on making Myanmar perspectives more widely available. 


This project is work in progress, and we welcome community contributions.

  • Do you know of any published research which might be missing from our bookshelf? 

  • Are you working on independent research which you are looking to publish? 

  • Do you have data which would benefit from being more widely accessible? 

  • Would you be interested in assisting Myanmar researchers with making their work more accessible to an English-speaking audience?


Get in touch at

We rely on a team of experts to help us curate the website and maintain the bookshelf and dashboards.

Content published on the Myanmar Internet Project does not necessarily reflect the positions of individual curators, collaborators, or institutional partners.

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