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  • November 1 - The Ministry of Transportation and Communication of SAC called for a tender to implement the SIM Registration Management System. According to the data which was involved in the tender announcement, they would use the Universal Service Funding to develop it. 

  • November 3 - SAC’s Post and Telecommunication Department has had an announcement to re-register sims with incorrect information before January 31, 2023. 

  • November 3 - Hpakant, City of Kachin, the mobile internet was restricted by SAC, is installing Mytel Wifi. After over a year of mobile internet shutdown in this area, SAC is implementing this plan. They limited the internet speed and user quantity. It can use only 5 mbps and only five users can connect to a machine. 

  • November 14 - Locals reports that the military personnel are checking mobile devices in ThanatPin Tsp. using portable wifi devices.

  • November 20 - On November 20, 2022, a UNHCR fake facebook page was found on social media. This page was written to apply for UNHCR cards via this page. 

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